morality and grocery shopping

I haven’t stepped foot in a grocery store in almost 7 weeks. Since Massachusetts went into a stay at home advisory I’ve avoided going into stores and have relied on Instacart, Amazon Fresh, USPS, UPS, ShipIt, and a local meat farm for my food and necessities. Every time I use these services, I feel guilty and struggle with the decision. Is it morally right for me to pay someone to do something I am uncomfortable doing?

My moral compass has always been guided by fairness, and it has been strong moral compass. I’ve made people uncomfortable when I refused to laugh at a joke that degraded someone because they were different and made career decisions based on how teammates were treated. And now I’m not sure if I am off course. Is it morally right for me to expect someone to do something I am uncomfortable doing?

I assume that the people who have been shopping for me are in a different situation than I am. We are DINKs and my husband and I are still employed. I recognize that we are lucky. While I don’t know for sure, I would guess that the people who have been doing my shopping are putting themselves in at risk because they need to. When I’ve discussed this with friends, they’ve tried to re-assure me by saying you’re supporting someone who needs work. All I can think is that I am putting someone in potential danger. Am I harming someone because I don’t want to do something?

I see multiple sides of this and have come to the realization there is no real answer to this. We’re all trying to do the best we can to make the right decisions.