Praise for tableau prep up and Running

Earlier this year Tableau Zen Master and Head Coach at The Data School Carl Allchin wrote Tableau Prep Up & Running Self Service Data Preparation for Better Analysis. The book is a fabulous resource for a wide range of people in data roles (or those who want to get into a data role). While it is focused on Tableau’s Prep Builder tool, the data concepts are transferable to other data prep solutions. The book is a perfect mix of theory and “how tos”.

The book covers the data prep concepts with detailed examples and theories. These concepts include

  • understanding your data – I’m stealing KYD (know your data)
  • planning your preparation – a must read section
  • data types and how to work with them
  • profiling data
  • shaping data
  • cleaning
  • joining (Carl does an amazing job covering the different join types in an easy to follow manner)
  • aggregating
  • scaffolding

Chapter 35, Breaking Down Complex Data Preparation Challenges is probably my favorite section. You are going to encounter a lot of complex situations in the data prep world, knowing how to deal with this is a big key to success. Carl walks through the most complex #PreppinData challenge and his explanations of how to break down this challenge and you’ll gain insights into how to logically break down a problem into smaller portions.

I highly recommend purchasing this book and be sure to check out #PreppinData.