VOTD and A Recovering Perfectionist

After 150 Tableau Public visualizations, I received VOTD (Viz of the Day) for my SportsVizSunday visualization on the Boston Marathon Wheelchair winners. The recognition was great and I was happy that so many people like what I created, but I was upset that the thumbnail looked so bad. I finally created something I loved, I get recognition and all people see is a mess up thumbnail. After a breathing exercise, I was able to appreciate the recognition and accept that the viz was more important than the thumbnail. If you can relate to this, you are probably one of my fellow recovering perfectionists.

For me, perfectionism is usually paired with a lack of confidence and a whole lot of self doubt. In short it’s held me back. Over the past few months I started working more on this and establishing methods to mitigate the damage. I haven’t been 100% successful, I’ve passed on a great opportunity, beat myself up for a mistake, and questioned whether I am in the right career. But I’ve had some successes too, including letting the crappy thumbnail go.

I’m optimistic that I’ll have the confidence to take a risk in the future and that I’ll get to a place where perfectionism has less and less of a role my life. I’m looking for progress not perfection.

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Kate Brown

golfer, yogi, history major data loving person

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